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Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Service in Marbella.

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage  is used to release chronic muscle tension by targeting muscle knots and is similar to Swedish massage.

Deep tissue massage uses hard pressured strokes across the grain of the muscles and if the patient is not used to regular massage may be a bit uncomfortable so it is important to let your therapist know so they can reduce the pressure applied.

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Service in Marbella.

Why Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage?

Often the patient may experience muscle aches for a couple of days after the massage before the real benefit of the massage is realised. But if the Hot Stones are used in the session this tends to help greatly with not feeling sore in the days after.

Deep tissue massage has many benefits including reducing inflammation and reducing scar tissue in the muscles as it really focuses on the bodies deepest layers of muscles and tendons.

Swedish massage is probably the most common type of massage and the one that comes to most people’s minds when they think of a massage.

The Swedish massage technique has been around for over 200 years and was originally developed in Stockholm. A Swedish massage is a fantastic way of relaxing your entire body, the muscles of the body are rubbed using long strokes that are applied in the direction of the blood returning to the heart.

One of the main benefits of a Swedish massage is that it increases the oxygen content of the blood and helps decrease the bodies toxins which all lead to an overall improved flexibility, blood circulation whilst also reducing overall body tension.

Additional methods employed during a Swedish massage include using the hands and palms to apply circular pressure, general kneading of the muscles and tapping, cupping, stretching and bending of the muscles.

Generally I tend to do a “Fusion” massage which encompasses Deep Tissue/Swedish, Aromatherapy massage and oils and I normally use the Hot Stones on your back. I can work as deep or as light as you like as I am Sports Massage trained as well.

Even though I can work quite deep you will still find it deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. A full body Aromatherapy/Hot Stone massage normally takes at least 75 minutes.

Just a Back massage or specific local area massages can also be done with or without Aromatherapy oils.


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