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About Carol Stone

Carol Stone 20 years ITEC Qualified in:

Aromatherapy Massage
Swedish Massage
Sports Massage & Injuries
Hot Stone Massage
Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Thank you for visiting my website, I am based in Marbella on the Costa del Sol and I am a fully qualified professional massage therapist and holistic therapy practitoner. I have lived and worked on the coast for many years.

Iam passionate about my job and I really love seeing the before and after effects of my holistic treatments. I love helping people get back to a balanced and healthy state. Making you feel good, really makes me feel good.

I first fell in love with Reflexology when a work colleague started retraining and needed people to work on for her case studies. So I jumped at the chance and found out as soon as she started working on my feet that the things I had wrong with me at the time could be successfully treated using Reflexology.

I only had a few minor complaints of stress, insomnia and a bit of IBS at the time. But not only did the reflexology treatments clear up my complaints. It really helped me relax and sleep better and overall balanced me, the benefits of it were simply astounding I felt so great during and after the treatments that I just had to learn how to do it myself. So alas, that was the start of my holistic therapy journey.

This took place in Tiverton in Devon which was my hometown. First, before you could learn Reflexology you had to do a ITEC Qualification in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage.

So I started with that and then went on to do Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Stress Management and right at the end of this training the corporate job I worked for, decided to shut our UK operation down to move the work to Eastern Europe so I was made redundant after 11 years and came on holiday to Marbella and liked it so much I went home, packed up, took my last ITEC Exam and came back to live a couple months later in Marbella to start a new life and new career.

When I was made redundant I had some money to carry on my training so when I got to Spain, I trained in ITEC Sports Massage and Injuries, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Hot Stone Massage and did my Reiki 2 Qualification. So that is how I ended up doing what I do and living where I live in wonderful Marbella.

You can visit me in my treatment room in Nueva Andalucia, Marbella or I can visit you in your home, hotel or office whichever suits you best.

I am also available to do group bookings and Hen, Stag or Golf parties at your villa or visit you on the Beach or by the Pool for Reflexology treatments at your sunbed. (Infact I love working outside and at the Beach!)

If you would like to discuss the best treatment for your own personal health requirements or to book an appointment for a professional massage or holistic treatment then please call me on 653 139 558 anytime.

Gift Vouchers are also available.

I look forward to meeting you……..

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