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Hot Stone Massage

woman back stones

A Hot Stone Massage is a type of professional massage using specially heated volcanic lava stones. Because the stones are volcanic they retain the heat for a long time and are said to have special healing qualities.

The hot stone therapy lava stones are heated to a comfortably warm temperature prior to treatment and used in combination with the use of Swedish massage style movements and aromatherapy oils to suit your needs.

The heat of the stones helps to rid the muscles of toxic waste products and regulates blood flow and also loosens stiff joints. A hot stone massage is very beneficial after exercise, sports or any physical work. It is also very, very relaxing.

The hot stones can be used for the whole body massage or just on the back. A full body Hot Stone massage takes approximately 1 hour 45 minutes! And its a lot of stones so I can only bring enough stones to use on your back but if you want a full body Hot Stone massage I think it’s best if you visit me in Nueva Andalucia.

When I use the hot stones just on your back I wrap 3 in a towel to lay on your lower back whilst I work on your legs and then after I have finished your legs I use the wrapped stones and 2 more to massage your back with in combination with the normal massage.

To make an appointment for a Hot Stone Massage in Nueva Andalucia, Marbella or elsewhere on the Costa del Sol don’t hesitate to contact me to book an appointment on (0034) 653 139 558.

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