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Forever Living Products


Aloe Vera

Forever Living Products – Aloe Vera and Beehive Products.

I love these products they are so good for you. I don’t actively sell them but I do use a lot of them myself, the drinks, honey, shampoo, lip balm, soap, bee propolis tablets and vitamins and skin creams.

For more information of Forever Living Products Aloe Vera and Beehive products please take a look at their main website here

They are all really great products. If you would like me to get you anything, I can and if I am treating you and I think something would benefit you I will tell you. But I will NOT do a hard sell on you.

If it can help you great but I don’t want to sell it just to make money and I usually don’t order enough per month to make any money anyway! But I am happy to get you what you require.

Call me if you want to order anything and I will get it for you from Malaga when I can.
Carol (0034) 653 139 558

I don’t keep any products in stock but if you would like anything please WhatsApp me a text and I will put you in contact with someone who may be able to help you.